The Park Community

I receive quite a few emails asking what happened at The Park, why we had to shut down, if we will ever re-open, etc. It is a long and complex story; this is one major reason The Park Odyssey book is being written, to go into detail about the challenges that took place behind the scenes of running a dot com in the beginning of the Internet age. In summary, we never were able to secure the funds necessary to build out our systems and create a financially sustainable business.

As far as if we will be re-opening, I hope so, perhaps under a different name. I would certainly like to re-open at some point, but I won't take that step until I know we will be successful. A major part of ensuring our success involves lining up the necessary resources to run a major international online service/online community. Until then, The Park will remain very much alive and well in many people's hearts, minds and souls. Stay tuned...

If you would like to meet other people -- old Park friends or new friends -- please visit my new site The Earth Communications Center.

If you have a story or experience to share and would like to have it considered for inclusion in the book, please step this way.