The Park Community

The incredible story of The Park's international online community is now being chronicled in a book titled The Park Odyssey. Part of the book will highlight experiences that people have had while in or because of The Park. The categories are as follows:

  • Marriages, love and romance
  • Friendship
  • Sensuality
  • Development of communication and interpersonal skills
  • Support for one another during hard times
  • Moving from one city or country to another to be with someone you met at The Park
  • Experiences in "the real world" through meeting at The Park, including "Park Gatherings"
  • Touching, magical, synchronistic, or otherwise amazing experiences
  • Anything else!

If you have a story or experience to share and wish to have it considered for inclusion in the book, please send it via email to Brent@SpiritRising.TV . Stories with details, heartfelt emotion and that show how The Park helped change your life are especially welcome.


Here is a message that was sent out on Tuesday April 27, 2010:

April 27, 2010

Dear Park Members, Advisors, Park Angels, Park Rangers, Park Friends, Park
Wise Elders, Park Mentors and anyone interested in The Park, circa 1994-

I am excited to say that the development of the long-awaited Park Odyssey
book is in full swing. After years of receiving many amazing stories of
how The Park touched lives, how it brought people together, how it acted
as a place of refuge in a sometimes stormy sea of life challenges, we are
now compiling the stories and putting the book together. Finally the
story of The Park will be told!

If you have a story, long or short (even brief statements/comments are
OK), then please be sure to submit them to me no later than May 15, 2010.
We're looking for people to share their stories about how your life might
have been touched in one way or another by The Park. We're also looking
for "behind the scenes" stories from Park Advisors, Park Angels, Park
Rangers, Park Friends, Park Wise Elders, Park Mentors, and Park Employees.
We are planning on completing the book within the next 2 months or less so
if you want to be part of history in the making, please be sure to send us
your story, we'd love to hear it and I'm sure many people around the world
would love to hear it as well. Send me your stories and comments, etc at
Brent@BrentHunter.TV and please be sure to include THE PARK: in the
Subject line of the email.

In addition, we’re including as many colorful images as possible of what
the site looked like at various stages, so please send us any pictures you
might have of web pages or images, especially from the original Brent's
Internet Jumpstation, Cyberpark, the old Park and the new Park, the
original and subsequent streaming chat screens, the Virtual Gift Shop, The
Park Shelter, the Park E-Zine, pictures of Avatars/Icons, pictures from
Park "real world" events, etc. If you don’t have any images, please ask
your friends who might have them.

I'm on about 35 social networks and growing. If you haven't connected
with me, please be sure to connect so we can continue to find one another
and stay connected as our initial vision stated: as one human family. My
main website, followed by my 3 primary networking sites, are as follows:


You may also be aware of a few other sites I operate: (currently has access problems)

Please be aware that, for now, my MAIN site is http://www.BrentHunter.TV .
Please be sure to visit this site and add yourself to the mailing list to
stay "in the know" about any and all of my projects, as they are
interconnected like the pieces of a multi-colored puzzle (current projects
include The Second Edition of The Pieces of Our Puzzle, The 2010 Edition
of The Rainbow Bridge, The Rainbow Bridge in Business, The Earth
Communications Center and more). It's a low volume mailing list and as
always, we take your privacy very seriously so your contact information
will never be sold, bartered or given away to anyone. And of course you
can always opt out if you no longer wish to be on the mailing list.

Although Facebook is on not on my favorites list for unexpectedly deleting
my profile with 3500 friends with no advance notice or warning, I've
created a Fan Page for The Park to facilitate the process of people coming
together and finding one another after all these years. The URL is!/group.php?gid=114264221941715

Come join us and be part of the fun!

Please remember to submit your happy stories, sad stories, challenges,
triumphs, etc, so YOU can be part of history in the making – by May 15.
And remember our tag line from many years ago – it is more important now
than ever before:

"One People, One Planet, One Community"

Thanks and have fun!


P.S. Please spread the word to those who might not be on this mailing
list, please send this note to anyone and everyone you know from The Park,
we're heading for a huge family reunion!!!