Universal Meditation Rooms - Room #2

If you'd like to have a very interesting, powerful, potentially transformative experience, just do the following for at least 5 minutes (and as long as you'd like... a half hour, an hour, or whatever). If you can't commit to doing this for at least 5 minutes, I suggest that you come back to this page when you have more time.

  1. Shut off the phone.

  2. If you enjoy incense or candles, feel free to use them and/or anything else that helps you relax such as music, etc.

  3. Dim the lights.

  4. Sit back in your chair.

  5. Get comfortable and relax.

  6. Think of what you want the most out of life. Is it plain old happiness, inner peace and joy? Or is it anything else?

  7. Look at one of the images at the top of this page (you may prefer one image instead of the other).

  8. Focus on the white light emanating from the orbing star.

  9. If you'd like to see one of the images on its own page without seeing these instructions, just click on it.

  10. If you notice your mind thinking about various thoughts, just let the thoughts arise and let them go, and continue to look at the orbing star.

  11. Keep looking and looking and looking ... and after a while you may notice some very interesting things; things may become more clear about what is really important in your life. You may have sudden and/or gradual insights about yourself, about the nature of who you are, about the nature of who you wish to be and about the very nature of the universe. You may also feel as though, somehow, time has been suspended. In addition, don't be surprised if the orbing seems to change in frequency or if the colors fade or even change. Finally, you may feel more refreshed, more relaxed, more centered and more energized afterwards.

Feel free to make this an everyday and/or regular practice -- the more you do it, the more benefits you will realize. It may seem like it's an odd thing to do with your time, but it definitely works -- see for yourself!!!

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