Universal Meditation Rooms

(The spiritual images above appear in a completely random order every time this page is accessed)

Meditation Room #1

This meditation room is a place for quiet contemplation, meditation, prayer and worship. It is a place where everyone in the world is welcome, regardless of their spiritual
or philosophical beliefs. Take a seat, grab a cushion and sit on the floor, or stand. Please maintain silence to respect the others who are in the room with you.

For people who are looking for something to think about, feel free to ponder the existence of The Helix Nebula, also known as The Eye of God (see image below).
You are looking into one end of a tunnel of dust, rocks and cosmic matter that is one trillion miles long. This extremely long, highly unusual tunnel is pointing directly at
our planet. This astonishing phenomenon is appearing in our consciousness at this unique and important time. The Helix Nebula can serve as a meditative tool to
ponder the meaning of life, the purpose of our existence and for connecting to the vast, open-ended nature of the universe.

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